• The Office for Slovenes Worldwide supported the Slovene family
    The Office for Slovenes around the World, headed by Minister dr. Helena Jaklitsch, financially supported the operation of the Slovenski rod portal. The expert commission approved one of the six applications for the tender […]
  • April 9, 1864: Marital Freedom
    Marriage permits were revoked between 1867 and 1868 in Goriška, Štajerska and Koroška. In Carniola, however, marital freedom did not prevail until 1919.


  • A book about an immigrant who became an MP
    The electronic book Punoljetan, a book of memoirs of the coastal politician and builder Ivan Mamić (1944), has been published. It is written in Croatian, Ivan's mother tongue. There are also some records in Slovene. Mamić's life story is very interesting: [[]
  • Cardinal Stepinac, savior of the Slovenes
    Alojzije Stepinac, a blessed cardinal from Zagreb who resisted the Ustasha and communist regimes, took a great risk to save 535 exiled Slovene priests and several thousand Slovenes. Among the exiled priests [[]

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  • April 12, 1848: Free city of Trieste
    From 1719 to 1891, Trieste was the free and most important Austrian Mediterranean port and a strong commercial and financial center. With an imperial patent, on April 12, 1848, it became a free city. […]
  • In Slovenia, more people die than are born
    In December, most people died in Slovenia in the last 20 years. Last year, nearly a fifth more people died than in previous years.


  • The only open archive is in Trieste
    All Slovenian archives are currently closed. As well as many cross-border. The only one that operates and receives two guests a day is the Historical Archives of the Diocese of Trieste. I really like the archive, [[]


  • Memory of a Slovenian woman from Belgrade
    Stanislava Radunović was born in the Cestnik family from Trbovlje. In the first part of the show, she introduced us to life in a family of seven with her father a miner and her mother a housewife. Both parts of the show are [[]
  • The methodology of historical science is crucial
    The weekly Reporter published an interview with history professor Tin Mamić, who is a forensic genealogy expert who makes family trees to order. He emphasized: “Knowledge is necessary for quality work […]