• Floating tank
    Despite the final victory of the Soviet Red Army in World War II, sober post-war analyzes indicated many shortcomings and weaknesses in its operation, especially in light of severe human and material losses. Yes […]
  • Day when Slovenia avoided military attack: 25 January 1991
    A memory of today 30 years ago. In the days when the Belgrade state printing house printed new banknotes for Juraj, 1000 dinars, the Slovene democratic governments were rapidly equipping their armies. To […]


  • The great cartographer Kocen from Hotunj
    Exactly two hundred years have passed since the birth of the priest, geographer and cartographer Blaž Kocen (Blasius Kozenn) on 24 January 1821 in Hotunje near Celje. He was considered one of the most important geographers [[]
  • Birthday of the untried Habsburg emperor
    Today marks the 60th birthday of Charles of Habsburg-Lorraine (Karl Thomas Robert Maria Franziskus Georg Bahnam of Habsburg-Lothringen), also known as Archduke Charles of Austria and currently head of the Habsburg family. He is the first in the succession […]

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  • They emigrate more and the less educated immigrate
    In 2019, more tertiary educated immigrants than emigrants The education of emigrants in 2019 was approximately equal to the education of the entire population of Slovenia. The most common purpose of immigration to Slovenia for foreign citizens […]
  • Excess mortality
    On December 1, 1981, more than 200 people died in one day. Most people die in the winter, at least in the summer. In October 2020, excess mortality varied markedly for the first time [[]


  • The only open archive is in Trieste
    All Slovenian archives are currently closed. As well as many cross-border. The only one that operates and receives two guests a day is the Historical Archives of the Diocese of Trieste. I really like the archive, [[]


  • Memory of a Slovenian woman from Belgrade
    Stanislava Radunović was born in the Cestnik family from Trbovlje. In the first part of the show, she introduced us to life in a family of seven with her father a miner and her mother a housewife. Both parts of the show are [[]
  • The methodology of historical science is crucial
    The weekly Reporter published an interview with history professor Tin Mamić, who is a forensic genealogy expert who makes family trees to order. He emphasized: “Knowledge is necessary for quality work […]