Slovenian Genealogy

Serbs have as many as 16 terms for ancestors

Genealogy in the Balkans has an ancient tradition. From generation to generation, parents passed on to their children the family tradition, which was preserved mostly in the oral tradition. Some Montenegrins like to boast that they know the names of their ancestors by heart in ten generations. How much of this is true in real life, of course, is another question. Although the younger generations have this […]

Slovenian Genealogy

Meeting in No. Peter on the Karst at another time

On the first Saturday in July, the first meeting of children of war took place, heroes of some time who spent part of their childhood in the Tone Tomšič Home in Pivka, formerly no. Peter on the Karst in the years 1945 to 1951. In this home were children from the former District of Nova Gorica. It housed up to 150 war orphans who [[]