Slovenian Genealogy

Schiffer and Hudovernik relatives

We invite you to a lecture by genealogist mag. Tine Golež, who will give a lecture on the topic: The Schiffer and Hudovernik families in Ljubljana on Thursday, 19.9.2019 September 18.00 at 23 pm at the Museum of Recent History of Slovenia (Celovška cesta 8, Ljubljana). The same lecture will be given at the meeting of the Slovenian Genealogical Society (SRD) on Tuesday, October 18.00, at 23 pm in Šentvid above Ljubljana (Škofijska klasična gimnazija, Štula XNUMX, […]

Slovenian Genealogy

Vladimir Pregelj, a native of Vipava, died

Vladimir Pregelj, a longtime employee of the American Library of Congress, died in Washington the day before his 92nd birthday. He will now be buried in Ljubljana, and a mass for him will be offered in Vipava. He was born on May 5, 1927 in Murska Sobota. His father was Rudolf Anton Pregelj, born in 1880 in Trieste, died in 1942 in Ljubljana. […]

Slovenian Genealogy

Who are the inhabitants of Hrenovic pod Nanosom

Who were the inhabitants of the prehistoric parish of Hrenovice pod Nanosom is an interesting topic, to which a special evening is dedicated in the library in Postojna. The genealogy group for Hrenovice, which includes Nada Šantelj, Mirka König and Leon Drame, will present the characteristics of the population from 1637 to the present day. This will be on Tuesday, September 10 at 19 p.m. In the parish of Hrenovice are [[]