Slovenian Genealogy

Pedigree exhibition

In Ljubljana, a genealogical exhibition was set up on the ground floor of the building where the Archdiocesan Archives is located. It will be open all week. Admission is free. It was set up by the curator Peter Hawlina, the founder of the Slovenian Genealogical Society (SRD), which has the most credit for the expansion of Slovenian genealogy in the last quarter of a century. The pedigree exhibition was created as part of a visit by members of the American Genealogical Society, who [[]

Slovenian Genealogy

Americans are looking for their relatives and ancestors

A group of Americans has arrived in Slovenia to explore their Slovenian roots. This time they didn't arrive with Adria Airways, anyway :-). This is the sixth visit of amateur historians-genealogists. It is organized by Slovenian genealogical societies from the USA and Slovenia (SGSI and SRD). These days, they started browsing the archives and meeting relatives with whom they mostly didn’t […]

Slovenian Genealogy

Revived the memory of Karl and Leopold Jurco

The memory of people and events fades too quickly. In Kosovelje, therefore, a few years ago we decided to "petrify" the memory of important personalities who come from this place. So far, we have set up five commemorative tables, namely: Jordan Zahar, a shipbuilder who, with his hydrofoil built in Norway, entered the Guinness Book of Records, […]