Slovenian Genealogy

Koper cemetery online

It has been many years since an online grave finder was prepared for the cemetery in Koper. It is not known why it took so long, but last time the search engine was just put on the internet. So far, it has only been accessible in the administration building in the cemetery. After the arrival of the new director of the Koper utility company Marjetica in early 2020, […]

Slovenian Genealogy

A census that rediscovered 20.000 Slovenes

110 years ago, a census was conducted in all the lands of the Rhine Austro-Hungarian Empire, which became a tool of Italian nationalists in Trieste. By falsifying data, they reduced the number of Slovenes by half. At that time, Slovenes lived by the sea only between Devin and Trieste, while in two areas they mostly lived beyond Dragonja. List is […]

Slovenian Genealogy

About the origin and meaning of surnames

This year's first issue of the Gorizia weekly Novi Glas contains an article on the origin and meaning of the Primorska surname Kerševan. Etymologically and historically it explains its meaning. The surname originates from Gradišče pri Prvačini, and even the noble coat of arms of this family has been preserved. The column has been prepared by history professor Tino Mamić for several years. It is very popular, says the editor of the newspaper Jurij Paljk: “Mamić is [[]