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In memory of the genealogist, architect and patriot Jure Vombergar

Jure Vombergar died in Argentina a month ago. He was an architect, patriot and intellectual who dedicated his entire life to preserving Sloveneness along the Srebrna Reka below the Southern Cross. At the time of his death, much was written about him, but there was still far too little, if any, in the main Slovenian media. Matičar However, Jure was not emphasized anywhere […]

Slovenian Genealogy

Surnames of Slovenes (1)

Architect and genealogist Jure Vombergar died in Buenos Aires this year. In memory of the exceptional work he did for Slovenes and Slovenes, we will reprint his discussion on the origin of Slovene surnames, which also brings us a little closer to the lives of emigrants and the problems they have due to Slovene names and surnames. The subtitles are editorial. Original article […]

Slovenian Genealogy

Genealogy Congress canceled - November

The largest family history conference in the world is Rootstech, which takes place every February in Salt Lake City, USA. They are also organizing a European genealogy meeting in London in the autumn, but it was canceled due to a coronavirus pandemic. The London conference had 10.000 visitors from 42 countries last year. FamilySearch International spokesman Steve Rockwood says security […]

Slovenian Genealogy

Most Primorje residents are Bizjak, while Slovenes are Novak

The most common surnames in Primorska are Bizjak, Furlan and Leban. The most common surnames in Slovenia are Novak, Horvat and Kovačič. The first two in both categories suggest that they are immigrants. Bizjak and Horvat are immigrants from the south, Furlan from the west, and Novak is a newcomer in his own right. 90 Marij Bizjak lives in our country, most of […]

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Archives closed, genealogists continuing work

As of today, the last archive keeping the registry books for Slovenia and the Slovenian national territory has closed. The diocesan archives in Trieste, Gorizia and Udine were closed days or weeks ago. Now, after the declaration of the coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia, the diocesan archives in Koper, Graz, Klagenfurt, Ljubljana and Maribor are also closed. They are not […]

Slovenian Genealogy

Archbishop Zora: a hymn to verify the identity of future generations

“The 55th anniversary of the death of the priest and composer Msgr. Stanko Premrl and at the same time the 115th anniversary of the composition Zdravljica, which the independent Republic of Slovenia chose as its anthem, is a beautiful opportunity to gather at the grave of this faithful priest, talented creator and dedicated patriot. Thank you to everyone who participated in any way in the preparation and [[]

Slovenian Genealogy

President Pahor: the anthem is the soul of the country

“The anthem is the soul of every country. It is the sound of nation and state identity in the eternal intertwining of the noblest poetry and music. The anthem of the Republic of Slovenia in a wonderful way shows the view of the Slovenian nation and our friendly, patriotic attitude towards all those who share with us the values ​​of peace, freedom and good neighborly relations. In the message of France Prešeren's text, our anthem is patriotic, but […]