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About the origin of the surname Jerončič and Sv. Jerome

We have a whole series of surnames from the saintly name Hieronim in Slovenia. Jere, Jerič, Jerko, Jerkič, Jerkovič, Jerom, Jeromelj, Jeromen, Jeronič, Jeronel, Jerončič, Jerman. There are also many Croatians, as he was a popular saint, especially along the eastern Adriatic, where this great philosopher, theologian and translator was born. This is also one of the proofs that […]

Slovenian Genealogy

The biggest genealogy holiday on the planet, RootsTech, will be virtual and free

The biggest and most important event in the field of genealogy, the Rootstech Congress, will be virtual next time. For the first time in its history. And this in full and for free. It starts on February 25, 2021. Registrations are already being collected: CLICK. It is a four-day congress that brings together the largest companies and organizations involved in genealogy. Congress celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. V […]

Slovenian Genealogical Society (SRD)

New Trees, invitation to participate

The Slovenian Genealogical Society (SRD) is preparing a new issue of the genealogical magazine Drevesa. They write: “We invite members and other genealogists to prepare their contribution, so that you can share your knowledge and valuable experience with others. This is the purpose of our meeting, because together we are stronger and better and more professional. Articles should be accompanied by photographs and […]

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What does the name Jonah mean

Jona is one of the rarest Slovenian male names, as only 34 people wear it. Specifically, 34 men. He is hardly found in Slovenian history, except when the biblical prophet is mentioned. This is one of the most interesting saintly figures of the Old Testament is the prophet Jonah. His story is interesting because he was angry with God. Angry Prophet Prophet […]

Slovenian Genealogy

Rome conquered

On this day 150 years ago (1870), the Italian royal army marched into Rome. The period of unification of our western neighbor (Risorgimento) is over, and at the same time, after more than a thousand years, it marked the end for the Papal State. King Victor Emmanuel II moved into the papal palace at Quirinal. from the Savoy dynasty. Pope Pius IX […]


The number of births decreased in Slovenia

In the first 7 months of 2020, fewer children were born and fewer people died than in the same period last year. 10.617 children were born and 12.230 people died during that time. Compared to the same period in 2019, the number of births decreased by 5,3% and the number of deaths by 0,8%. Most […]


Memory of a Slovenian woman from Belgrade

Stanislava Radunović was born in the Cestnik family from Trbovlje. In the first part of the show, she introduced us to life in a family of seven with her father a miner and her mother a housewife. Both parts of the show were filmed in a pleasant environment in the garden next to the house, from where there is a beautiful view of the once in many ways different mining and industrial town of Trbovlje. Proudly [[]


Sea lilies on Sinji vrh

Tiny stars are visible in the stone in the picture - these are tiles of sea lily stalks. These are fragments of sea lilies from the Jurassic geological period. On the whole, sea lilies were more similar to plants grown on the seabed, but in fact they are considered to be animals (echinoderms). This stone was found at Sinji vrh. Stars When we are ahead […]

Slovenian Genealogy

Documentary premiere: black and red Rijeka

Croatian national television has filmed a documentary series about Rijeka. A city where, in addition to Croats, many Slovenes and Italians have always lived. The film, directed by Vanaj Vinković, features scientists from various social (history, philosophy, sociology, literature, economics, journalism, biology, transhumanities,…) fields from Croatia, Britain, Austria and Italy. However, some witnesses are [[]


Luigi Cadorna, commander of the Italian army on the Soča

On this day 170 years ago (1850) in the Italian town of Pallanza (Piedmont) was born Luigi Count Cadorna, general, marshal and chief of staff of the Italian army from July 1914 until the defeat of the German-Austrian invasion of Kobarid in autumn 1917. He came from a family with a long military tradition. For the general mobilization of General Cadorna, it is already at the very beginning […]