"After all, the Habsburgs have a grandfather, and she's a woman."

The first Sunday of Advent is behind us. At the same time, the memory of "our ruler" Maria Theresa (1717-1780) from the Habsburg family. On this day 240 years ago, the Archduchess of Austria, the Queen of the Czech Republic and Hungary and the ruler of the Habsburg hereditary lands died in Vienna. She never became an empress when she is still mistakenly addressed in many places today! A complicated story […]read more .

Source of the name

How the surname Lombergar came about

On Fridays, Gorenjski glas publishes a new column entitled Gorenjski priimki. It is prepared by history professor Tino Mamić, author of the book Surname, their origin and meaning. So far, the surnames Naglič, Nagel, Starman, Gerjolj, Grjol and Gerjol have been described. This time it's the turn of the surname Lombergar. In Slovenia, the surname Lombergar is one of the oldest, as it can already be found in […]read more .


For the holidays, give a gift certificate from the Military History Park.

Delight your little ones, friends, co-workers or business partners with the Military History Park gift voucher. When purchasing 3 or more vouchers, we grant you a special holiday discount, so that a gift voucher for viewing exhibitions and collections together with a guided tour of the interior of the submarine costs 12 EUR for an individual visitor (regular price 17 EUR) and 29 EUR for a family […]read more .


Night has its power. Tonight too.

This year's European Researchers' Night and thus the 'Night Has Its Power 2020' project are adapting to pandemic-related conditions. The main event has been postponed to November 27, and the majority of events will take place at a distance. Online adventures, experimentation, chat with researchers, visits to research institutions, lectures on current topics, exhibitions and even a virtual concert are waiting for you. […]read more .

Slovenian Genealogical Society (SRD)

New genealogy handbook

The bilingual Genealogical Handbook of the Slovenian Genealogical Society has been published. In English translation: Genealogy Handbook of the Slovenian Genealogical Society. The book has a hardcover, measuring 165 × 235 mm, and has 132 pages. Content prepared by: Matej Hohkraut, Jasmina Stanojević, Jožek Košir. Passwords for the dictionary were contributed by: Robert Fonda, Matej Hohkraut, Vlasta Knapič, Franci Rihtaršič, Jasmina Stanojević and the late Janez Toplišek. Language review by [[]read more .


House names Vipavske (9): Vrtovče

Vrtovče were first mentioned relatively early. As early as April 27, 1356, they are mentioned in a document kept by the Styrian Provincial Archives in Graz (List. StLA AUR). We should not limit them to Vrtoče pri Mirnu. About 100 people live in Vrtovče, where the surname Vrtovec also originated. In the 1991 census, […]read more .


House names Vipavske (8): Spodnja Branica

Spodnja Branica belongs to the parish of Šmarje, which in 2018 joined the parish of Planina. The valley along the river Branica, a tributary of the Vipava, is part of the Vipava Valley. Three settlements are named after the river, which are quickly confused due to similar names. Gornja Branica, Spodnja Branica and Branik or Rihemberk. Spodnja Branica is part of the municipality of Nova Gorica, while Gornja Branica is part of the municipality of Komen. […]read more .


The "infamous" bomb from Vurberk is waiting for a museum presentation.

Probably no discovery of an unexploded ordnance has resonated so strongly with the Slovenian public as the discovery of the AN-M64A1 aircraft bomb from the Second World War in July 2017 near Vurberk in the municipality of Duplek. Let us revive your memory - at that time, a 41-year-old local man and his children were looking for a treasure with a metal detector in the woods behind the house. Foundation is not […]read more .


House names Vipavske (7): Chipnje

Chipnje is one of the smallest settlements in the country. Currently, 14 people live in Čipnje. They are part of the Planina parish, and until 2018 they were part of the Šmarje parish in the Vipava region. Before that, they belonged to the large parish and the pre-parish of Vipava. They lie on the southern bank of the river Branica and belong to the municipality of Komen. House names are taken from [[]read more .

Slovenian Genealogical Society (SRD)

New Trees

A new issue of the magazine Drevesa, published by the Slovenian Genealogical Society (SRD), has been published. It contains everything about the new genealogical project Register of Slovenian Cemeteries. A few pages are dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the celebration of the founding of the Society, including an article by founder Peter Hawline. News from the world of genealogical informatics are published, articles about book novelties in the field of genealogy, about the research work of our [so]read more .