The genealogical newspaper Slovenski rod was published

The genealogical newspaper Slovenski rod was published

A new, fourth issue of the Slovenski rod newspaper has been published. 10.100 copies were printed as an appendix to the free Vipavska.

An exclusive article is about the historical discovery that the village of Stomaž was first mentioned as early as 1481, and not in 1507 as has been the case so far. An article about Marko Ivan Rupnik, a silenced world-class painter whose story Prešeren repeats himself, will attract attention. The Maribor Archdiocesan Archive is presented, which was the first in Slovenia to put its registers online. The article on surnames presents four ways of creating Slovene surnames. Lists of house names for two Vipava places, Male Žablje and Tevče, have also been published.

This year's first two issues (April and June) were given to all households in the municipalities of Ajdovščina, Vipava and Komen. In addition to Vipava and Ajdovščina, all households in the postal districts of Šempas, Renče, Volčja Draga, Branik and Prvačina will receive the December issue. With the exception of mailboxes with a yellow label and those addressed to legal entities. A few dozen copies will also be available in Ajdovščina's Lavrič Library. However, the Vipava region can also be ordered separately anywhere in Slovenia. The price of a copy is 5 euros.

This year, the Slovene family was finally formed into an independent portal and an independent printed supplement. Last year, it came to life as a section of the internet portal Due to the growing number of visitors, on April 2, 2020, Slovenski rod became independent.

The historical and genealogical portal is dedicated exclusively to heritage and roots, as well as modern depictions of the past. Due to the great interest from abroad, especially from the USA and Italy, the portal no longer publishes only Vipava topics, but all-Slovenian ones. At the same time, his specialization remains Vipava, which is also more promoted in cultural and tourist terms. Therefore, most articles continue to be devoted to Vipava and Primorska. The website also has versions, translations into five foreign languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish and Croatian.

The visit to the Slovenski rod portal was higher than expected. After two months, in July 2020, it has already achieved a monthly visit of 2000 unique visitors. Due to two drastic limitations on the reach of followers by Facebook and Twitter in the summer and fall, readership declined in the summer. The growth trend is growing again.

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