The only open archive is in Trieste

The only open archive is in Trieste

All Slovenian archives are currently closed. As well as many cross-border. The only one that operates and receives two guests a day is the Historical Archives of the Diocese of Trieste. I like the archive very much, the material is accessible and the staff is very friendly.

Valuable are the transcripts of the registers of the parishes whose registers were burned during the Second World War. Predloka, Truške, Marezige. Thus we have at least transcripts of all baptismal, marriage, and death books from 1835 onwards.

In the library of the archive, which is very interesting, I also noticed my book Surnames, their origin and meaning, which I like very much, somehow. The book is almost completely sold, only a few dozen copies are available. You can order it from me, I can sign the book if I wish. No, this is not said by the way, but as an advertisement. I live from this tega I can order the book here: KLIK, or you can call: 031 646 870.

The city archive, which has population censuses, is also very interesting. But currently only a few lists are available, and the inventories themselves are not. For almost a year now, a kind archivist has sadly told me. They reckon that will change in the coming weeks. 

Visiting Trieste in these times is pleasant because of the coffee, despite the bitter storm. In our country, all bars are closed, but not in Trieste. However, it is imperative to wear a mask. Always and everywhere. The penalties are severe and the police do not issue warnings like ours. The people of Trieste are sticking to the measures.

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Tino Mamic

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