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Memory of a Slovenian woman from Belgrade

Stanislava Radunović was born in the Cestnik family from Trbovlje. In the first part of the show, she introduced us to life in a family of seven with her father a miner and her mother a housewife. Both parts of the show were filmed in a pleasant environment in the garden next to the house, from where there is a beautiful view of the once in many ways different mining and industrial town of Trbovlje. Proudly [[]read more .


The methodology of historical science is crucial

The weekly Reporter published an interview with history professor Tin Mamić, who is a forensic genealogy expert and makes family trees to order. He emphasized: “Knowledge of the methodology of historical science is essential for quality work. Without this, the findings are often superficial, flawed and erroneous. Many times I get data from amateur genealogists that I have to recheck everything because I am […]read more .