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The only open archive is in Trieste

All Slovenian archives are currently closed. As well as many cross-border. The only one that operates and receives two guests a day is the Historical Archives of the Diocese of Trieste. I like the archive very much, the material is accessible and the staff is very friendly. Valuable are the transcripts of the registers of the parishes whose registers were burned during the Second World War. Predloka, Truške, Marezige. […]read more .


"Yugoslavia is gone. Now it's about Slovenia. "

Today marks thirty years, which in Slovenia was the result of a plebiscite for an independent state. The words written above were uttered in Ljubljana's Cankarjev dom by dr. Jože Pučnik, 23 December 12, when it became clear that the vast majority of Slovenes, as well as other residents of Slovenia, voted for the creation of an independent state of Slovenia. Jože Pučnik [[]read more .

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Archives closed, genealogists continuing work

As of today, the last archive keeping the registry books for Slovenia and the Slovenian national territory has closed. The diocesan archives in Trieste, Gorizia and Udine were closed days or weeks ago. Now, after the declaration of the coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia, the diocesan archives in Koper, Graz, Klagenfurt, Ljubljana and Maribor are also closed. They are not […]read more .