House names Vipavske (10): Ravne

House names Vipavske (10): Ravne

Ravne belongs to the parish of Črniče and to the local community of Črniče-Ravne. The name is quite common, so we should not confuse it with Drežniške or Dolenji Ravne, as well as with other places with this name. There are smaller hamlets in Ravne: Ušaji, Ipavci, Tabor and Slejki. 142 people live in the village.

Not all house numbers are written because some houses are empty. The first number is modern and the second is an old number, from the period before the last renumbering. Where there are two house names, there are either two versions we have found, or an older and newer house name. Where the house name is spelled the same as the family surname, the old house name is either not yet formed or is not known. This is especially true for newer houses. The list of house names is from the family book of the Črniče parish (1921-2015).

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The Vipava House Names project was supported by the Municipality of Ajdovščina.

1, 1 Gurkčevi (Remec)

2, 3 subdivisions (Ancestor)

3, 2 Jamarjevi (Vidmar)

4, 4 Bomkovi (Crnatic)

5, 5 Drmanovi (Ušaj)

6, 6 Tonks (Persic)

7, 7-35 Elders (Lozar9

8, 9 Poporovi (Kljucevsek)

9, 8 Košutovi (Košuta,

10, 10-28 Kaplanovi (Slejko)

11, 12 Kovačevi (Ušaj)

12, 13-11 Birshnikov

13, 14 Penščevi (Košuta, Slejko)

14, 15 Gardens (Bovcon)

15, 17 Gardens (Bovcon)

17, 18 Drayons

18, 20 Farmers in Tabor (Kosovel)

21, 21 Škampičevi (Mavrič, Bratina)

22-21, 22 Morelovi v Tabru (Košuta)

23, Remčevi, 25-38 (Kosovel)

24, 24 Fleeces in Garovci (Slejko)

25, 25 Kosovel family in Garovci (Česnik)

26, 27 Ivanovi (Mikuž)

27, 37 Železniki (Slejko)

30, 29 Blaskovi (Slejko)

32, 31 Ovčarjevi (Bovcon)

33, 32 Gašprjevi (Slejko)

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