Slovenian Genealogy

House names Vipavske (7): Chipnje

Chipnje is one of the smallest settlements in the country. Currently, 14 people live in Čipnje. They are part of the Planina parish, and until 2018 they were part of the Šmarje parish in the Vipava region. Before that, they belonged to the large parish and the pre-parish of Vipava. They lie on the southern bank of the river Branica and belong to the municipality of Komen.

The house names are taken from the family book (status animarum) of the parish of Šmarje from the 80s. In parentheses are the surnames found in the house in the 20th century.

The Vipavske House Names project was financially supported by the Municipality of Ajdovščina.

1 Pri Vodopivčevih (Vodopivec)

2 Pri Mihovih (Hocevar)

3 Pri Andrejčkovih (Bandelj)

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