"Yugoslavia is gone. Now it's about Slovenia. "

"Yugoslavia is gone. Now it's about Slovenia. "
Today marks thirty years, which in Slovenia was the result of a plebiscite for an independent state. The words written above were uttered in Ljubljana's Cankarjev dom by dr. Jože Pučnik, on the evening of 23 December 12, when it became clear that the vast majority of Slovenes, as well as other residents of Slovenia, voted for the creation of an independent state of Slovenia.
In the first post-war multi-party elections in the spring of 1990, Jože Pučnik led the Social Democratic Party of Slovenia. I did not vote for her because I am not a Social Democrat. In fact, social democracy has not been with us for a very long time, she died with Cankar (if I'm kidding). Dr. As a politician, Jože Pučnik defended some views that are not close to me.
However, after the elections, he led the victorious DEMOS coalition and worked resolutely and persistently for an independent Slovenian state. Together with others!
Before him, in some other times, when it was not yet self-evident or. it was even dangerous, Ciril Žebot, Franc Jeza, Janez Toplišek… and many others also advocated for an independent Slovenian state. Some, e.g. J. Toplišek, they paid for their idealism with their lives! You will practically not hear about them today, they are disappearing from public memory.
There is nothing wrong with someone having a different opinion and supporting the failed idea of ​​a common Yugoslav state, even though it is completely anachronistic today. It is only wrong that such people are celebrated in the independent state of Slovenia, while at the same time forgetting those who sincerely advocated for it. It is wrong that today in Ljubljana, the capital of the independent Slovenian state, you will look in vain for a street or square Jeze, Žebota, Topliška or Pučnika…

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Renato Podbersič

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