What does the name Jonah mean

What does the name Jonah mean

Jona is one of the rarest Slovenian male names, as only 34 people wear it. Specifically, 34 men. He is hardly found in Slovenian history, except when the biblical prophet is mentioned. This is one of the most interesting saintly figures of the Old Testament is the prophet Jonah. His story is interesting because he was angry with God.

An angry prophet

The prophet Jonah, who is celebrating today, September 21, lived in the eighth century BC, according to an unreliable source. God commanded him to go to Nineveh and persuade the people there to convert. But he did not like it, for the Ninevites were not Jews, but Assyrians. Therefore, he did not want God to help others other than the Jews. He escaped and boarded the ship. But the ship was hit by a storm. When the sailors found out that the storm had been sent by God because of Jon’s escape, they threw him overboard. The sea suddenly calmed down, and Jonah ate the "big fish." Biblical scholars assume it was a whale.

Jonah prayed in the whale's belly, and after three days and three nights the whale spat him ashore. The prophet then went to Nineveh and persuaded them to change their habits. God, therefore, did not carry out his threat to destroy them.

But Jonah was not satisfied with the success. He was angry with God, who was merciful to sinners and Assyrians at the same time. Angry and sad, he left the city and pitched his tent. By the will of God, a bush of heather then grew, which in one night grew and covered the tent. The shadow works well for Jon. The next day, however, a worm came into the bush and destroyed it. Jonah got even angrier. So God said to him: “You mourn for the kloščevca, who did not work for it and did not cultivate it. It came into being in one night and disappeared in one night. And I'm not supposed to mourn Nineveh, a big city with more than 120.000 people who can't tell the difference between their right and their left? ”


The name Jonah in Hebrew means dove.

Our name has been in use for the last 30 years. In 2011, only 18 people had it, in 2017 29, and now 34.

Interestingly, however, it is found as a female name in 173 cases. But this is a derivative of a longer name, most often Ioanna, ie Ivan.

More common than Jon's name alone are his derivatives of the name are Jonas in Jon, and in the female form JThey. All of these names can also be derivatives of the name Jonathan.

A modern performance

Jono was staged by the actor Gregor Čušin in the monocomedy entitled “The Angry Prophet”. A documentary about this show was also made at AGRFT: KLIK.

Tino Mamic

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