Mariborske matice is online

Mariborske matice is online

October 20, 2020 is an important date for all historians and amateur researchers of genealogy or local history of northeastern Slovenia. From that day on, the collection of digitized registers of the Archdiocesan Archives of Maribor is available online. Three Slovenian dioceses out of six thus have digitized registers online: the Archdiocese of Maribor, the Diocese of Murska Sobota and the Diocese of Celje. This represents about half of present-day Slovenia.

Half a million photos

The collection includes parish registers for a period of more than 300 years from 1597 to l. 1919 from the area of ​​the Maribor metropolis - that is, the whole of northeastern Slovenia (Slovenian Styria, Carinthia and Prekmurje). You can research 4.556 units of parent material (baptismal, marriage, death registers and indexes) or view a good half a million images from the original books (exactly 531.291).

Along with the description of each parish, its German name is also mentioned, which makes the search much easier. Digitized books are divided into six categories: baptismal, marriage and mortuary registers, and baptismal, marriage and mortuary indices. Indexes, alphabetical, usually surname, are extremely valuable, as in many Styrian parishes there are no family books at all. Unfortunately, we do not find them online, but there are many of them in the Maribor Archdiocesan Archives. There is also a map of the place from the oldest serious map of Slovenian places, a military map from 1783. It is also useful that the settlements of individual parishes are listed, which we have had so far only in the Historical Directory of Parishes. It would be even more useful to add German translations of these names, as in many places only German names are in the registers.

The review of registers is available free of charge via the Matricula-Online website, which in recent years has been a first-class online resource for genealogical and similar research in Central Europe. From then on, domestic and foreign genealogists can find their ancestors and trace family roots from the comfort of their home right online.

Together with the Austrian Graz Archives

The Austrian church archives are all online. Also archives from the territory in present-day Austria, which are ethnically Slovene. Among the three Slovenian diocesan archives, Maribor will be the first to see the light of the online world.

The long-awaited online publication of digitized registers is the result of good international cooperation of the Archdiocesan Archives of Maribor, which began in 2010. That year, the Maribor Diocesan Archives in cooperation with the Diocesan Archives of Graz (Diözesanarchiv Graz) launched a joint project Matriken Digital. co-financed by EU development funds. As part of this project, by the end of l. In 2013, over 3.500 registry books were scanned in Maribor. The process continued even after the project was completed. Digitized books have so far been available in the archive reading room. In collaboration with the Diocesan Archives of St. Pölten (Diözesanarchiv St. Pölten) and the International Center for Archival Research (ICARUS) will now be available online.

Anyone looking for information about their ancestors can satisfy their curiosity on the website KLIK:

Source: Archdiocese of Maribor


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