New genealogy handbook

New genealogy handbook

The bilingual Genealogical Handbook of the Slovenian Genealogical Society has been published. In English translation:
Genealogy Handbook of the Slovenian Genealogical Society.

The book has a hardcover, measuring 165 × 235 mm, and has 132 pages. Content prepared by: Matej Hohkraut, Jasmina Stanojević, Jožek Košir. Passwords for the dictionary were contributed by: Robert Fonda, Matej Hohkraut, Vlasta Knapič, Franci Rihtaršič, Jasmina Stanojević and the late Janez Toplišek. The language review was done by Neva Šolinc, and the English translation by Tina Petek Steinbücher.

The manual currently represents one of the most extensive and comprehensive genealogical works in our area. It covers the knowledge and experience of renowned Slovene genealogists who, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Slovene Society, combined the results of their many years of genealogical research work.

The key texts of the manual are also translated into English. With this, we have expanded the range of potential users to the global space and we hope to facilitate research work in the Slovenian language space for foreign researchers as well. The central part of the handbook is a genealogical dictionary that combines the fruits of many years of work by various genealogists.

Some sample pages are published online: KLIK. Orders are also: KLIK.

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