New Trees

New Trees

A new issue of the magazine Drevesa, published by the Slovenian Genealogical Society (SRD), has been published. It contains everything about the new genealogical project Register of Slovenian Cemeteries. A few pages are dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the celebration of the founding of the Society, including an article by founder Peter Hawline. News from the world of genealogical informatics, articles on book novelties in the field of genealogy, research work of our genealogists and many recommendations have been published. An article has also been published on how and why sources should be cited when quoting found data.

Members of the association receive a copy of the magazine free of charge, while others can also order it at online Bukvarni society.

Article titles

Hohkraut, M .: Editorial
Hohkraut, M .: A Quarter of a Century of Organized Genealogy in Slovenia
Grašič, F .: The Silver Jubilee of the Society through Numbers
dr. Umek, E .: Genealogical sources, with special regard to registry books before 1946
Mamić, T .: Genealogical event of the decade: Maribor registers are online
Hohkraut, M. and Košir, J .: Register of Slovenian Cemeteries
Mamić, T .: Koper Cemetery online
Kragelj, M .: Search for graves at the Gabrje cemetery
Košir, J .: Genealogy with the help of tombstones
Mamić, T and M ..: Citing sources is extremely important
Hohkraut, M .: How I started choosing a new genealogy program - Family Historian
Hohkraut, M .: Machine learning to read manuscripts and old printed records
Mamić, T .: Centenary of Silenced Love
Juvan, A .: Vodiška Johanca
Golež, T .: Koroški Aleš with three surnames
Prelec, M .: Vipava surnames
Strmšek Mamić, M .: The biggest genealogy holiday on the planet
Mamić, T .: Jure Vombergar died
Reberc, A .: Reflections on the importance of genealogy and presentation of a family newspaper
Grašič, F .: Family 'Grabnovi'
Skrt, M .: 14 years of meetings at 19.19
Hohkraut, M .: Rodoslovni priročnik Slovenskega rodoslovnega društva
Mamić, T .: A great contribution to the history of the western Karst
Mamić, T .: Census of Ljubljana families
Hohkraut, M .: Alenka Juvan: Once upon a time in the parish of Hotič
Mamić, T .: Army long and long
Hohkraut, M .: Rodoslovni eSlovar
Petek Steinbücher, T .: Genealogy, Facebook and the group Slovenian Genealogy (Genealogy2000)
Golež, T .: Genealogical exceptionalities in word and image


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