About the origin of the surname Rozman

About the origin of the surname Rozman

On Fridays, Gorenjski glas publishes a new column entitled Gorenjski priimki. It is prepared by history professor Tino Mamić, author of the book Surname, their origin and meaning. So far, the surnames Naglič, Nagel, Starman, Gerjolj, Grjol, Gerjol, Lombergar and Lomberger have been described. This time it's Rozman's turn.

The explanation of the Rozman surname is anything but simple, as the explanation is a whole series. And certainly not all Rozmani and Rožmani and Rezmani were created in the same way. In Slovenia, the most common explanation is that the surname originated from the name. Namely from the name of the saint, St. Erasmus. But this is only one and not all Rozmans probably have the same origin.

Rozman is a surname that has been found in Gorenjska since the time the surnames were created. Some of the researched pedigrees of modern Rozmans date back to the Middle Ages. In Polje near Vodice, we still follow the descendants of Matija Rozman, born in 1605. This also means 15 generations. In the nearby village of Utik, Jurij Rozman was born in 1590, who also has at least 15 generations of listed descendants.

Gorenjski glas began to be published in 1947. It has a picture of Gorenjska, Slovene haste next to its name, which is also connected with the first described surname. The director and editor-in-chief is Marija Volčjak. The company Gorenjski glas also has its own printing house in Kranj, which is considered to be of high quality, has its own portal Gorenjskiglas.si, and also publishes a number of local newspapers. The voice comes out in Kranj on Tuesdays and Fridays. It is the most important Gorenjska newspaper, with a circulation of 19.000 copies and a readership of 65.000 readers. The newspaper is on sale in newspaper stores, and the price of a copy is 1,85 euros.

“Surnames are our identity. Each surname has its own story, just as each genus has its own story. Finding the roots is important, because it also raises self-confidence, ”says the author of the column.

More about his book can also be found in the TV show: KLIK

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