Protestantino is a book of witty and insightful columns. This is a selection of the most resounding comments written by Tino Mamić for various Slovenian media. One of them resonated all the way to the government palace and he was fired as editor because of it. One column to try CLICK HERE.

Product details

  • Language: Slovenian
  • Number of pages: 184
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 24 x 17 cm
  • Author: Tino Mamić

They wrote about the book:

“His characteristic is an indomitable attitude that has made him incalculable
an intellectual, a man who is not silent in the face of injustice and lies. ”

dr. Jože Možina, director and journalist of TV Slovenia

“The author does not engage in any mild criticism, but wit and humor can be seen in his contributions. And that is exactly the added value of his writing. We could say that he establishes a similar attitude to social phenomena as the writer Drago Jančar, but on a different journalistic level, namely one that may be more suitable for a wider audience. ” 

"Mamić clearly expresses his views, he has no hair on his tongue, he is also committed to the truth about what is happening in the Church. As a Democrat, he is critical of power and what is happening in society. Above all, to things that affect every individual and happen to everyone, but he is powerless because of the power that large systems have. ”  
Primorske novice