Death of a cemetery

Death of a cemetery
50 years ago, the Stur cemetery was abolished. 55 years ago, the last Kovkovčanka was buried in the Stur cemetery. In 1953, Šturje lost the status of an independent place and was annexed to Ajdovščina. The two parishes in our town are still separated by the river Hubelj. Until 1965, the Stur parish also included the settlement of Kovk on the Trnovo plateau.
That is why they carried their dead from Gora to burial in Šturje. The coffin with the deceased was hung on a pole, which only two could carry at a time along the narrow and winding path. Along the way, the undertakers took turns. When they reached the edge of Šturij, they placed the coffin on the death stone. The undertakers were relieved and arranged before entering the church. A procession went from the church to the Stur cemetery. Since 1965, Kovk has belonged to the parish of Otlica. July 1963 was the last deceased to be brought down the ridge from Gora and laid on this stone. In October 1965, the last Kovkovčanka was buried in the Stur cemetery, but she had already been brought by car.
Rare preserved tombstones are also visible online, on the Geneanet portal:

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