Memory of a Slovenian woman from Belgrade

Memory of a Slovenian woman from Belgrade

Stanislava Radunović was born in the Cestnik family from Trbovlje. In the first part of the show, she introduced us to life in a family of seven with a miner father and a housewife mother. Both parts of the show were filmed in a pleasant environment in the garden next to the house, from where there is a beautiful view of the once in many ways different mining and industrial town of Trbovlje. She proudly remembers how her father built the house and how the children helped him with that. She also said a lot of interesting things about children's games, about caring for animals that have always been part of her family.

More than not then, everything was happening outside, which is in many ways different from today’s times. Among her fond memories is also St. Nicholas' Day, which was more established in her childhood years than the New Year's gifts of Santa Claus. Her school journey is also interesting. She decided at an early age that her life would be connected with children. Therefore, it is not surprising that she enrolled in the Celje pedagogical grammar school.

But her love for the tall Lazar Radunović, whom she met on the Adriatic coast, took her to Belgrade, where she completed her studies, started a family and taught children as a teacher for many decades. In the first part of the conversation, she also talked about how she was received by the people of Belgrade and also how she found herself in this then largest Yugoslav city and arranged her life.

In the second part, she presented her life, how she completed her studies, found a job as a teacher and gave Lazar her only daughter, Tatjana. She says that she has never felt any national tension, even during the disintegration of Yugoslavia, no one has accused her of Slovene roots. She told us how she felt during the Slovenian plebiscite on independent Slovenia. "It makes you feel like you don't know where you belong," he says. She was afraid of war and all the changes it brought. She also told how her brother Andrej saved many lives during Slovenia during the war with wisdom and negotiations. After this event, he joined the Slovenian Army as a YPA officer.

Her war journey from Belgrade, via Hungary to Slovenia, was also interesting and adventurous. She also told how she arranged Slovenian citizenship for herself and her daughter. Her grandchildren also have a year. In the last part of the show, she also presented what was happening in Belgrade at a time when the war on the territory of the former Yugoslavia ended with the bombing of some cities in Serbia. At the time, she was already a staunch opponent of Slobodan Milosevic's regime. She saw a bright future for Zoran Đinđić for post-war Serbia, unfortunately he died in the assassination. This later brought Aleksandar Vučić to power, about whom he has a bad opinion. "In Belgrade, they never told me what Slovenes were doing, while in Slovenia they often called me Milošević, which hurt me. I was very active in supporting the collapse of his regime. "

At the end of the conversation, she also talked about how she returned to Slovenia after many years, where she found a job as a teacher, which she worked until her retirement. She also left a deep mark in the Zasavje local media. She worked for the local newspaper Zasavc, for many years for ETV, and in the last year she writes for the web portal Zon.

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Author of the show: Igor Gošte

Photo: Matjaž Lavrič

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