World Genealogy Day, January 1st

World Genealogy Day, January 1st

January XNUMX can rightly be celebrated as World Genealogy Day. There are three reasons.

The starting point of history, chronology and genealogy

That day we started counting and measuring time. It is otherwise a symbolic date, as Jesus Christ was born between 8 and 4 BC. Due to an error in the calculation, however, we have such a count. This is the starting date around which we "measured" all history and is extremely important for genealogists and historians. Because of this date, we even have an auxiliary historical science, chronology, which is also an auxiliary genealogical science.

Counting holiday, global

January XNUMX is a universal holiday due to the start of the count. On this day, eight days after his birth, Jesus' parents brought him to the temple, where they named him and circumcised him. This is very similar to the rite of baptism, at which the first birth registers were created. The circumcision of Jesus was a kind of baptism, a kind of entry in the register. Birth registration, official record of the newborn's birth. This is the central event of all genealogical work, as baptismal registers are the oldest and most original. Although it is the birthday of the Christian God, it is also a Jewish tradition. The celebration of the New Year, however, has become a global holiday, as the calendar count has long outgrown its religious significance and Christian symbolism.

The counting took place in 525, according to the calculations of the Scythian monk Dionysius the Little, but it became established only after 800.

Census of the world

The third reason is a bit in the background. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, where his father came to enroll. At that time, the Roman emperor Augustus wanted to list "the whole world", or all the inhabitants of the empire. This is extremely important in genealogy, as it involves the systematic aggregation of all birth data. This, however, is only the essence of genealogy. The August census was not the first, as the first known census in Egypt was at least 1700 years older. The censuses of the Ancient Greeks, Israelis, and Chinese are also older. But it is the August census that is best known. By the way, the census was probably not global because it was conducted by individual regions for several years.

American genealogists in some places celebrate their day on May 15, when the United Nations declared World Family Day. However, January 1 is semantically closer to what constitutes World Genealogy Day.

Therefore, on behalf of the Slovenski rod portal, let me wish you a successful and healthy year 2021, and let today's genealogy day be especially beautiful!

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Tino Mamic

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