Royal tomb in Kostanjevica

Royal tomb in Kostanjevica

Wasted memory

It has been a long time since the exiled French Bourbons found their last refuge in the Goriška region (1836). Their last representatives, led by the former King Charles X, rest in a tomb under the church next to the Franciscan monastery in Kostanjevica / Kapela above (Nova) Gorica. Some French monarchists still call the tomb in Kostanjevica "others St. Denis.

The last French king of the Bourbon dynasty

Charles X is certainly not one of the most distinguished and successful representatives of this ruling family, which ruled France since the end of the 16th century. Although enterprising and cheerful in his youth, he did not understand the time in which he lived, as he tried to stop its flow completely unrealistically from the moment he entered the political scene.
Recently, demands from France to relocate their remains to the Gothic Basilica of Saint-Denis in the northern suburbs of Paris, where almost all French monarchs from the 11th century onwards, except Charles X and Napoleon III, have been re-strengthened. Demands from the land of the Gallic roosters are actually nothing new, as they appear every now and then, although official France, with its long-standing republican reality, shows no excessive interest in the royalist past.

Great opportunity

In our country, however, we do not seem to know very well what to do with these former foreign nobles, who personify "feudal exploitation" and found themselves with us more than by chance. In fact, we are not even aware of the tourist and cultural opportunities that are offered to us on a platter. Let me bring it all together with a personal story: I studied in the Goriška region for many years, I attended a high school in the humanities right below Kostanjevica, but I never heard a single word about the Bourbons and their kings, who are also buried here.

Will the French king be returned from Slovenia to France?

Perhaps the posthumous remains of the last French Bourbons will one day truly leave our country and join their predecessors and relatives in the northern suburbs of Paris. I doubt that anyone in the Goriška region will mourn them excessively. However, those who have never been well aware of the cultural, historical and marketing significance of the burial of French monarchs in our places may be beating their heads.

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Renato Podbersič

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