We gathered courage

We gathered courage

The 30th anniversary of our country’s independence compared to the hundred or even centuries of history of most countries in our neighborhood is really not much. But on the other hand, these thirty years were a period when, due to various historical events (joining the European Union, joining NATO…), we often forgot to look back and remember the creation of our country, the course of independence, as well as the reasons for it and its consequences. This is especially true for young people, who, given the pace of today's life and globalization trends, often forget that our dreams came true only thirty years ago and that the Republic of Slovenia has become an independent state.

The Park of Military History, the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Education have therefore joined forces and jointly prepared a pedagogical-historical project to bring students closer to the historical theme of our country's independence, which is often neglected in schools.

As part of the project, they are preparing an online exhibition, three short educational films and e-learning materials for schoolchildren and teachers. All of the above is divided into three sets related to three key periods in the history of independence, namely: the time of the plebiscite for independent Slovenia, the period of independence with the adoption of independence acts and the declaration of independence, and the time of war to defend independence and sovereignty. The first part of the project is already available, as on 23 December 12, on the 2020th anniversary of the plebiscite, at which the vast majority of Slovenes decided for an independent and sovereign state, they began celebrating the jubilee year. In the spring months of 30, the second part will be prepared, as part of which the essential events of Slovenia's independence will be presented, culminating on June 2021, 26, when an independent state was proclaimed in Ljubljana, on the square in front of the Assembly building. The final chapter will be an outline of the war for Slovenia with the departure of the last YPA soldier from Slovenia. The listed material will be fully available on the website www.zbralismopogum.si.

The project logo and the associated graphic image of the exhibition consist of thirty linden leaves arranged in a circle. Linden leaf is one of the key graphic symbols of the period of independence, a symbol of Sloveneness and one of the elements that built our national identity. The placement in the circle that the leaves form indicates unity and democracy, as these are evenly distributed elements oriented around the same center - the goal and retrospectively - the beginning. The concentric composition works uniformly, clearly and boldly. The selection of colors in the image of the online exhibition is related to the color palette of communication materials from the period of independence.

The whole project is called "WE COLLECTED COURAGE". At the end of the XNUMXs, with a hopeless economic situation and huge inflation, Yugoslavia was shaken by national and social tensions. At the same time as the collapse of the Soviet communist empire, a unique historical opportunity arose. What we needed in those days was courage - first of all individuals who were not afraid to step forward and pull the whole nation behind them, who with faith in a better future decided for an independent and sovereign democratic state and defended it in a war that followed. The red thread of the whole project is therefore precisely the courage we showed at the time of independence and proved during the victorious war.

On the website www.zbralismopogum.si There is a short feature-length documentary film about the plebiscite, in which the President of the Republic Borut Pahor also addressed the pupils and students. The screening of the film is supposed to be a kind of official start to the jubilee year for young people who are riveted to their electronic devices due to distance learning these days and, in the absence of school celebrations, introduce them to celebrate the 30th anniversary of independence.

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