The "infamous" bomb from Vurberk is waiting for a museum presentation.

The "infamous" bomb from Vurberk is waiting for a museum presentation.

Probably no discovery of an unexploded ordnance has resonated so strongly with the Slovenian public as the discovery of the AN-M64A1 aircraft bomb from the Second World War in July 2017 near Vurberk in the municipality of Duplek.

Let us recall your memory - at that time, a 41-year-old local man and his children were looking for a treasure with a metal detector in the woods behind the house. The treasure was not found, but a 250-pound American World War II air bomb that did not explode when it fell to the ground in February 1945. Contrary to all regulations, the finder dug the bomb out of the ground, lifted it with a truck crane and transported it to the home yard. Immediately after learning, the State Unit for the Protection against Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) launched a large-scale and demanding bomb-destroying operation, in which more than 400 surrounding residents had to be evacuated. The operation was successful and with a controlled explosion, the bomb was deactivated without any harmful consequences. The interest of the media was extremely high and even the social networks were full of comments in those days.

Given that the bomb represents a direct legacy of Allied air operations, which are especially exposed in the Park to Hell and Back exhibition, and given the fact that the public needs to be constantly reminded of the proper handling of found UXO, we met with the National Protection Unit before UXO agreed to prepare an exhibition on this topic in the Park next year. The process of conserving the "infamous" bomb, which we recently took over for temporary storage, has been completed these days, and the bomb is already waiting to be placed in an exhibition.

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